Discovering art

A place to keep track of my favorites among lesser known artists, and friends and family who dabble in art

Daily Art is a phone app as well as a website where you can find art inspiration daily, as the name suggests. Have found several gems through the app, and highly recommend it for anyone who likes to look at fine art.

A couple of my friends’ kids are seriously into art and design. Love their style. Check them out at:

Listed below in reverse chronological order of my knowing them, are artists in real life whose work I love.

Jan Coenen

My ex-manager at ING, Jan is a very good artist active in the Netherlands. I love his art and creativity. While trained in the classical school of drawing and painting, Jan has experimented a lot with surreal objects and different abstractions – not without reason was he an architect in the IT world! 😀

After retiring from the bank, he has dedicated himself fulltime to his passion. He recently participated in a collective exhibition at the Dutch Digital Art Museum, Almere. It was wonderful to see how he transformed his traditional paper art into the digital and virtual worlds of giant mushrooms and psychedelic colors – a world you enter by wearing an Occulus Quest (VR glasses). You may well wonder what was he on?! But as far as I know he works quite sober without stimulants!

Milind Mulick

Indian contemporary water color artist from Pune, whose work has inspired me for the last 15 years.

Milind Mulick on Instagram

A few of his work here to add color and inspire visitors to this page.

Deepak Das

An inspiration on BITS Pilani campus, Deepak’s art has captivated me from way back then. It seems he’s still going strong, doing exhibitions and creating more of his fabulous paintings.

Check it out at:


A dear friend, wonderfully creative among all her other good qualities. Love her paintings.

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