While living in Pune, I had worked up the network to present my art at two local exhibitions. A promising start at that time, but then I moved to Amsterdam, and in re-creating my life here, art – and exhibitions – took a back seat. So these are the only shining examples of my artistic endeavors.

Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll get back to this here in Amsterdam! Until then…

Atelier Exhibition, 2009

Malaka Spice Exhibition, 2010

11th – 20th April 2009: The first exhibition of my art. Mostly water colors, a few oil pastels, and some photographs.

Organized by Roheena Nagpal at Atelier, her lifestyle shop in Baner, Pune.

April 2010: The owner of Malaka Spice, Praful Chandawarkar, saw some promise in my paintings, and agreed to exhibit them in his restaurant, where it was common for him to hold periodic art exhibitions. Thus came about my second water colors exhibition in Pune, from April 1st through 15th 2010.

Venue: Malaka Spice, Koregaon Park (Pune).

Atelier invite
Malaka Spice invite

The paintings at the Atelier exhibition

The paintings at the Malaka Spice exhibition

Pune Local Press Coverage

My exhibitions even got a little extra hype with some local press coverage!

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