BITS ’89 Batch ReUnion Nov 2018

25 years since we graduated! Tradition is that there will be a batch reunion. But how? Doesn’t it take a lot of … effort? Co-ordination? Time …?

In these pages is the story of the how, the what, the who… read on!

The makings of a kickass reunion

In one word: Vidhya!

In a few words: a well-co-ordinated controls team, consisting of Vidhya, Ram (Vazhi), KD, and Suresh (Vells). With a generous helping hand from several others; please refer to the yearbook for complete list of credits and who did what!

The controls team pulls all the strings, get everything smoothly sorted, whip up an inert junta into what turns out to be an epic reunion.

For the early arrivals, it already starts on 20th Nov. Westin Sohna. Over 1.5 hrs drive from Delhi, in the middle of fields and nothing else – trust the BITSian spirit to home in on an Oasis like that! It is unanimously an idyllic location. Sets the mood perfectly for the 4 days that follow.

21st Nov – the day and night I am not yet part of the festivities. The reunion fever is in full swing already. Karaoke night and dancing are two of the more sober hits! By the time I meet junta the next afternoon, the alcohol levels of the previous night have not yet abated. It was one continuous high from 21st – 25th Nov. Drunk on the obvious ingredients, but also on nostalgia and silliness.

I think for most of us it is an immersive and intense experience. You can read here my impressions, and I will add any contributions if you want to write your piece too!

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