Kumaon Trip, May 2009

Plans for heading to the hills start in December 2008 over the extended week long New Years’ eve celebrations at MM’s place, Chennai. Meena organizes the people, itinerary and books everything by Jan or Feb 2009. Anyone who has interacted with Meena knows that her organization is neat, efficient, and reliable. Head count – 18 including my two kuttis. Technically 7 kids (ages ranging from almost 3 to 17) and 11 adults (ages ranging from 33 to 50).

We meet up at Delhi airport on 13th May, and drive around Kumaon/Uttaranchal area, staying at 5 places in all – Naukuchiyatal (1 night), Kausani (2 nights), Chaukori (2 nights), Binsar (3 nights), Mukteshwar (2 nights). It turns out to be a wonderful trip – a few hikes, bird-watching for some, even some community care (the garbage cleanup hike to Zero-point in Binsar). Lots of fun, lots of photos… read a day-by-day account here.

Click here for trip photos – go back to my public albums to view the other days’ photos.

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