Vichitragad, 5th Dec 2009

Ashok and I went to Vichitragad aka Rohida fort near Bhor, about 70 kms from Pune. My third visit here, and lots of small but significant changes including solar powered lamps posted along the path upto the fort. Some signs of tree plantation on top – saw mango, silver oak and some unidentified saplings. Now there’s an entrance door – a heavy antique style wooden door, painted a shiny black. We had to go in through a small “door within the door” opening, as the main door was locked up. The temple on top was spruced up (on the outside) but also locked. Too much focus on security on this sleepy little fort is worrisome… On the way down a man took Rs. 51 from us (with receipt) — he was apparently part of the organization that takes care of the forts in the Bhor area.And there are white arrows painted on rocks along the path, as if you could get lost on that exposed, unforested ridge with the fort in view all the way!

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