Alternate Sudhagad, Dec 2009

An alternate trek route up Sudhagad, from Thakurwadi, with Dc, Sw, Sb. About 125 kms drive from home – Expressway to Khopoli, turn off to Pali, from Pali to Bhairampada, which we missed and hence the inadvertant alternate trek from Thakurwadi.

Gentle climb up to a ridge, then a couple of flights of iron steps up a steep rock, then steep rock-cut steps. Reached a midway point where there was a small rectangular water tank with fish and tadpoles in it. This is where Dc and I misled the others off the path – up some steep slope above the water tank, several scrambles, and ended up losing our way.

We eventually reached, converting a 1.5 hr trek into a 2.5 hr, wandering a lot on the vast top plateau, seeing parts of the fort I’ve never seen on earlier visits.

Here too we saw the solar panel and lamp in the temple priest’s dwelling. And here too, the priest who looks after the temple gently asked for money (which we gave willingly, but this seems to be a recent trend on these forts…).

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