whatever the hell AIG stands for i was made to paint it on a smallies t-shirt. i am given to understand that it is the “logo” of man-u [say it in reverent, hushed tones].

last evening akash prevailed upon me to paint on his maroon colored t-shirt, the white letters “AIG” with a sort of artistically asymmetric 3/4 circle around the left hand side.

now this t-shirt had something written on the front – not very conspicuous, embroidered in the same maroon color, but i felt the AIG ought to be written on the back. democratically we decided upon this, i and akash. i got assurance from him that once done, he will not insist on wearing it back to front – did he understand this? yes mamma, just paint it. oh, can you also paint the white circle to the right above the letters? what white circle?? i don’t know any white circle, i shall not paint it. okay, fine, just paint the AIG and quick! i want to wear it to football [in 20 mins!]. after some negotiations and explanations, it was agreed that the t-shirt will be left to dry overnight.

dress rehearsals this morning resulted in tears and tantrum – WHY IS THE AIG ON THE BACK???? I WANTED IT IN THE FRONT!!!!! WAAAAA!

and the blasted baby has worn it back to front to school – as it is, i have a very poor reputation as a callous mother among his class teachers…

ah well.

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